A strange man…

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     The man was laughing out loud at the joke that only he had heard. I found that man very weird to be honest. He used to crack up on the lamest joke of all. Usually his laughs were soft and gentle but this time the situation was different. This time he was laughing really loud. He was practically on the floor. The person sitting next to him had whispered something to Mr. Watson and then on he started laughing.

     His name was Mr. Watson. He is a Professor in Math at the University of Mississippi. Actually he is a friend of my mom since my mom also teaches in the same University. He had invited me and my family for dinner. At the moment my dad is in Dubai for some business deal, so it wasn’t possible for him to come. Only me my mom and my brother went. It was the first time we were going to a dinner as a family after we have moved in Mississippi. For some reason my mom was really dressed up and told me and my brother to be the same way. Anyway, we went to there house and as we entered the house I was completely shocked. For a second I couldn’t move because the house was enormous and beautifully furnished. One of the servants named Mark opened the door and then another servant led us to a dining table. As I saw the dinning table I was even more stunned because it was beautiful. Other than that it had so many delicious appetizers, Sweets, and best of all the main dishes. I looked around to see what my brother and mom’s reaction was but they were acting as very sophisticated people. So I decided to discontinue acting barbaric and followed the way my mom and brother were acting.

           We sat down at the dining table and then we heard a bell. After the bell was ringed Mr. and Mrs. Watson appeared. They greeted everyone and told the parents to introduce the children. When it came to introduce my name Mr. Watson made this hideous face. Well I wouldn’t blame him because my name is so old fashioned. My name is Rosabell. So I am called Rosy at school.

           Well, as I said Mr. Watson would laugh at everything which we all would find very lame. I guess he was doing that to show that he is very humorous person. Well, we all begin eating and all of a sudden Mr. Watson started laughing really hard. To be honest he was on the floor and nobody besides the man sitting beside him had any clue why he was laughing. The man beside him had this weird face since he didn’t say anything hilarious. He just said a mean joke about a lady wearing men shoes. Finally he quit laughing and people begin to ask, including my mom “What happened?”, “Are you Ok?” and “Are you sure you don’t need any help?” Mr. Watson stood up and told everyone that the reason of why he was laughing was that he had remembered one of the scenes of Tom & Jerry!


Letter home….

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August 12, 1619

 Dear Mother,

I am sorry I signed the indentured servant contract for the Virginia Company without your permission but our family’s conditions forced me to do so. I could not find any employment in England. Fortunately, I will only have to serve for a period of 4 years and after that I will be free and able to earn money and have you people come here as well.

The journey to the Americas was harsh. Very little food was given to me on the ship. Some people even committed suicide due to the misery and hunger. When I reached Jamestown, my master showed me around and told me my duties which included farming, doing the chores of the house, and looking after the livestock.

To tell you the truth, my condition is much worse than it was in England. I wake up before dawn and my work continues endlessly. I only get a couple of hours of sleep and a small amount of food once a day. Along with this, I have to bear the rude comments and insults from the owner. Sometimes, I even get a beating from my master. I feel like a machine with no feelings, no rights, and no happiness.

However, the hope that keeps me going is that after 5 years I will receive some share of land. Although, the other indentured servant working here, Ruth, told me some terrifying stories of the punishments given to indentured servants. For example, those that run away are punished severely. Some are even denied their share of land after their contract is over. Still, I will continue to work hard and hope for the best.

I think I took the right decision in coming here because the conditions in England would have forced us to migrate anyway. Doing it this way, I have learned the customs and traditions of this new country and this can help us later on when we settle here.

Nowadays, the conditions are very harsh and this might force the indentured servants to rebel. Maybe in the future some laws might be created for the protection of our rights. Or African slavery might be used more often.

Here I close my letter. Please pray for me and wish me the best. Take care.


Sincerely yours,

Kaminkow Bacon


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         Eid-al- Fitr is a celebration that is held after the month of Ramadan, in which Muslim people fast for it is a supplication to Allah. Eid is the time for Muslims to give charity to the needy people and celebrate Eid with Family and friends. The last few days before Eid, each Muslim family is committed to give a donation to the needy. The donation is supposed to be real food for example rice, barley, dates…etc. This is to ensure that the needy can celebrate Eid too. This donation is known as sadaqah-al-fitr.


On the Eid day all Muslims in the city gather up at a location such as a mosque and perform the morning Eid prayer. After the Eid prayer, Muslim families visit relatives and friends. People give gifts and money to the children. These activities traditionally continue for three days. In most Muslim countries, there are 3 days holiday for Eid.






Imran Khan

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The famous person who I would want to meet is Imran khan. Imran Khan is a young and very successful actor of Bollywood even though he hasn’t done many movies yet. He is the son of Anil Pal and Nuzhat Khan. Imran Khan finished his High school in California and then trained in film making in New York. He is the nephew of actor Aamir Khan, director Mansoor Khan and is the grandson of Nasir Hussian who was a well-known director and producer in India.

          Imran has appeared as a child artist in his uncle Aamir’s films “Qayamat se Qayamat tak “and “Jo Jeeta wo hi Sikandar” . Both times he played the role of a young Aamir Khan. Now Imran Khan plays a role of a lead actor. His first film in which he appeared as the lead actor was released this year and was called “Jaane tu ya Jaane na”.

           The reason why I want to meet Imran khan is because the first time I saw his movie I was completely inspired with his acting. Even though it was his first movie he was performing as any other experienced actors. This year he is also going to act in a movie called “Kidnap” with his first role of a villain.

Pakistan’s President flirting with Sarah Palin

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Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari was flirting around with Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska; who is also a running mate of John McCain. The whole media has been yelling over this choice since she was chosen by John McCain a possible vice president not only about her anonymity but her ability to be Vice President or even for being nominated as Vice President. John McCain has been hearing lots of insane comments about him choosing her. Since she has been in the news a lot these days, her first meeting with Pakistani president Mr. Asif Zaradri has been discussed widely. Here are the details of their meeting and an exchange of dialogue.

In Washington D.C, at the Inter Continental Hotel Sarah Palin was introduced to Mr. Asif Zardari these are the following dialogues that were spoken.

Mr Asif Zardari said to Ms. Palin “even more gorgeous” than he thought.

“You are so nice,” Palin said. “Thank you.”

Zardari pressed on: “Now I know why the whole of America is crazy about you.”

At that point a Zardari handler asked them to shake hands again for the cameras.

“I’m supposed to pose again,” Palin said.

“If he’s insisting,” Zardari said, “I might hug.”

Communicating is one of the major basics in US politics; although for Mr. Zaradri; it could have been a careless “strategy” to get the “support” from an unclear but obviously selected republican Vice Presidential Candidate. After the death of Mr. Zardari’s wife he has been chosen as the co-chairmen of her political party and now has been chosen as the President of Pakistan. And according to most of the Pakistanis, the act “I might Hug” is not considered appropriate. Because of this a lot of criticism has been showed in Pakistan.

Comparative study of MBC and SA

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The role of religion in Massachusetts Bay Colony and Saudi Arabia is practically very similar. In the MBC the puritans living there were punished if they would go against the rules or regulations of the religion or basically anything. Similarly in Saudi Arabia if women don’t follow the rules of this place they can easily get punished according to there misdeed.

            Later on, in about 1630 the puritan colonist left England to go to Massachusetts hoping for having freedom and practicing there religion freely. For that the puritans made a covenant with God and agreed to build an ideal Christian community. In the same way Non Muslim people who have entered Saudi Arabia have agreed that they will respect and value the Muslim religion called Islam. In addition the puritans used to hear a sermon every Sunday. Likewise, the people living in SA hear a prayer call every day for five times.

In Saudi Arabia, the Saudi women are expected to stay at home and run the house holds, respects there husbands and have children. Similarly that is what happened in the MBC. When women would have children, they were assumed to teach there children the Bible. Over here in SA parents are supposed to teach there children the Qur’an.  

             As for the Differences in MBC the popes and people working at the Church were supposed to elect leaders as it was the puritan’s belief that it is God’s “elect”. The most obvious difference is that there are actually no Churches in SA so there is no possible way for popes to elect in SA.

            Women in the MBC were not forced to wear any kind of special clothing to cover them as for in SA it is necessary for women to wear an Abbaya no regardless of where they are going.  There were no classes of people in Massachusetts but as a matter of fact there are status and classes of poor and rich all over SA.

Here I have explained enough examples of the differences and similarities between SA & MBC

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